"Open Source" Agreements in Information Systems

CTANS works with two institutions: 1) Oklahoma State Univeristy, Okmulgee, a traditional technical school, with mostly vocational training and two-year degrees, is part of the OSU system that is submitting this application; and 2) Langston University, which is a "Historically Black University".

OSU-IT is a traditional technical college. Although it is formally part of the "OSU system", it has its own President, faculty, degrees and local administrative structure. The Higher Education Commission considers Stillwater and Tulsa campuses a single university, whereas Okmulgee is accredited separately. OSU has campuses across the state. The primary campuses are in Stillwater and Tulsa. These two locations draw from the same faculty, who are tenured in common departments. Most faculty at each location teach at both locations, if a relevant degree is offered in both locations.

With a few exceptions, CTANS provides both institutions complete use of our materials in the security area. Because of copyright issues with our online courses, we are not allowing them to actually use the entire video portion of our courses with their students, however, all teaching materials, notes, assignments, and PowerPoint slides are available to them. Although they are free to use the materials in their courses, they are likely to use them primarily for instructor review, taking only small relevant portions into their classrooms.

Administration at OSU (Stillwater/Tulsa) recently agreed to allow IA coursework from Okmulgee to be offered on the Tulsa campus. All their coursework will be accepted in student degree plans for degrees in Stillwater or Tulsa, and many courses will be cross-listed as being courses. Those courses could be combined with courses taught by OSU Stillwater or Tulsa classes to allow students to graduate from either Okmulgee or Stillwater/Tulsa degree programs.

OSU-Okmulgee IA Curriculum Development Committee
Gregory Scott Newman, OSU-Okmulgee
Sunita Rajanala, OSU-Okmulgee
Dr. Mark Weiser, OSU-Stillwater

OSU-Stillwater IA Curriculum Development Committee
Dr. David Biros, OSU-Stillwater
Dr. Blaine Mayfield, OSU-Stillwater
Dr. George Scheets, OSU-Stillwater
Dr. Mark Weiser, OSU-Stillwater